Challenge Discount, Roth and Other Exciting Happenings

I am very lucky this year to be part of Team Challenge. I’ve had my best race experiences at Rev3 and the merge with Challenge is a perfect fit. If you have not done a Challenge race yet, I highly recommend it. They make you, the athlete, feel like a rock star while your family is thoroughly entertained. Family friendly locations, beautiful and challenging courses and a unique experience. Head on over to to see the amazing race locations in the US, Mexico and Canada this year.
Register for any Challenge NA race with RGTRI15 (must be all caps) for a great registration discount.
In other news, a group of us are heading to…Challenge Roth!! I’m still trying to let it sink in as it was totally unexpected. Of course at Mt. Tremblant last year I said (like I do at every single IM) never again….but we all know that feeling quickly fades, doesn’t it 🙂 Or like my friend said, IM is like a siren song, every time you get to the beach all you find is pain and suffering. Ha! So…here we go again!
For the NE WI people, I’ll be speaking at the next Tri Foxes meeting, date TBD for February. I’ll be talking about Challenge, a unique coaching opportunity, and I’ll have fantastic products to share from PowerBar and SBR sports-including fantastic shampoo, lotion and body wash to get the chlorine smell out in a luxurious fashion and Foggies-hands down the best anti-fog for your swim goggles that I’ve used. Hope to see you there!