I do not come from a formal background in running, biking, or swimming. I did however know that I wanted to succeed in this sport the best I could and had a coach from day one. I am confident it saved me from having to navigate through countless sources of information and gave me a plan and direction right off the bat. Like many, I borrowed a bike just several days before my first race, crossed the finish line and was hooked. I have read many bios that start with “I entered my first race, won and never looked back”. That was not me! I started with the Danskin triathlon in Naperville, IL like so many other women have. I clearly remember what it was like not really knowing how to swim well and how hard I had to work to get from where I started.  I then entered a fall duathlon for something different and remember crying because no one was in front of me and as far as I could see, no one was in back of me and I thought I was last. Turns out I was second overall. I entered my 2nd duathlon and qualified for world championships and never looked back. I now focus on primarily triathlons and throw in the occasional du to keep me honest. What I love is that this is more than a sport, but a lifestyle where I have met many fantastic people.

Coaching has given me an immense satisfaction and I love to see my athletes set a PR or cross the finish line at their first race.


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